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Hello, thank you for this, can you make a video tutorial how to use this while using show picture in parallel mode?

I tried using a .png as background but ended up covering the 'arrow' images


Parallel proces are made in a common event, if you check there, you know how I placed those images
Images used are 75x75 centered on top screen, but you can place them anywhere you like.

Text based on the other hand is easier, but I got an issue setting that up, so I end up using images instead.
The Switches for the arrows ans Jump/Spin are there too.

Read the comments on the main event how it's setted up and which one can be changed and which not.
change only where it tell you so, adjustment might break the system if you dont know what you do.

I hope you are able to figure it out.

- Main setup is the event on the map (center) with 4 pages, pre-setup is mostly required
- Button press (images) are controlled by a switch, same with difficulty in a common event.
this common event turn the switch OFF as well for erasing the images.