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So i just downloaded and idk if this is a known issue that has a resolve but my animation is not smooth. its clunky at best. after trying out a smaller scale animation it seems to render the frames on opposite side of the loop and alternate frames instead of being smooth and gradual. is there a solution that i just cant seem to find? or is this an issue?

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Hi ImNoki. There are a few things to do to get a correct animation:

1) There must be a single and unbroken stroke in the PATH layer.
2) The stroke must be made with a pixel perfect way.

3) The combination: path length, frame duration and animation duration should be chosen appropriately. Example of a bad choice: frame duration 0.1 seconds, animation duration: 0.5 seconds, path length 100 pixels (this animation will not be good, because it'll be very jittery, around 25 to 25 pixels ).

If the speed of the animated object is too fast, you will need to add image effects such as object shadows or decrease the frame duration.

If you couldn't solve the problem, send me the .aseprite file at to analyze the layers.

I hope this helps!