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Its a fun little game. I like that in some levels you do not need all the keys to go the ladder. Level 17 is a killer but a i managed to beat it on the 5th attempt. I've encountered a bug on the 18th level. The UI was not present and i was stuck and couldn't move. Look at the screenshot.

For me, I would say its the right level of difficulty. 

One thing that you might want to explore is to make a level select screen - so that if you are stuck at a level, you can practice that level instead of starting from the beginning.

I haven't played too many memory-based games but hope this helps.

Thank you for your comments m.zadz, I also find them extremely interesting!

  • I was not aware that the build had that bug, sorry about that. I am uploading a new version after i write this post, I disabled the UI for designing the level and left it out when building, some scripts were affected by this change causing the misbehaviour,
  • Great idea with the level selection menu! No doubt i will do it.
  • I am glad that you liked the difficulty, i was a bit worried about it.

Thank you again and i hope you had a good time!

I fixed the game if you are curious about the final levels. Regards!