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it would be cool if you put a construction inventory in creative mode, much like minecraft.

I plan to completely rework the building system in the future with a room based construction in a spacedoock and with individual components built by first creating a frame and adding items to it in order to assemble functional blocks. I do not plan to make Adrorium a game in which you can casually hold enough resources in your pocket to build a death star...  I just finished yesterday making a creative menu from which you can easily select what blocks you want to build I will be posting a clip today with it on discord, check it out if you are interested. The creative menu will be in the next update(2-4 weeks from now). What you are saying is not hard to do but i don't want to develop something that i will completely replace in the future.

okay. thanks ! by the way, adrorium is a awesome game

Thank you, also these are the latest things i worked on in the last week: