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How do I get something to protect myself from the mind control guy? I talked to both the witches and they told they will contact me but idk howI should move forward. Can someone please help?

I think that storyline just kinda ends there for now. I think Big Cock Cthulu is kind of implied to be the big bad of the game, so we'll probably get more when the game gets closer to being finished.

Really? But when i go to the temple and talk to roushk and othra they give me the gems and when i go back home to sleep they guy calls me again and i have many different choices but unable to choose any of them.

Yeah that is where the story ends for now, the witch doesn't call on you for now.

Aww really? So should i just leave the quest and wait for a update or just do the encounter anywa

i mean the mind protection story, after you complete it the rest of lizards story is unlocked. so yeah you should do it! sorry about my wording, if there is something in this game that isn't out yet you should always do it unless its a one time thing and you need it later, like an important plot thing. there isn't any of those but like if there ever is that's the only thing you should avoid!

Ok Thanksssssssss

I didn't try it so I'm not sure, (this may be spoiler-ish btw) I tried the witch, she told me she would contact me to help protect me from the mind control but never did, so I progressed in the quest and had to give the gem to the Cthulhu guy, BUT before the feast  I was sneaking around the corrupted lake and found Xer, befriend him, took him to the village, so he was there during the feast, we can talk to him and there's a option to thank him for a potion, we say that it helped during the encounter with that thing, idk if our character was referring to the Cthulhu thing or something else, but I don't remember taking any potion from Xer, just said it cuz it raised his affection. But my guess is that as I found him before finishing the quest, maybe if I had found him even sooner he would give something to fight that thing? Idk, maybe is not related, or it is, but I can't say for sure as I had made too much progress to back up. 

No he doesn't, I befriended him almost right after saving Roushk and nothing changed, I just got him quicker. I may have missed something but I doubt it.