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Hi, I'm Anthony, recently graduated with a degree in New Media Design and am currently living in Hong Kong. I mostly do user interface work, but I occasionally like to have fun doing vector illustrations or 3D modelling/animation.

No - my first game jam was back at uni with some friends, we made a risk-esque board game, Kintsukuroi, in 24 hours, then developed it further and took it to a few cons. Later, with some other friends, I did a NASA SpaceApps game jam where I provided concept, assets, and design for

This time, I want to help my wife make a eroge visual novel out of the backstory we developed for Kintsukuroi.

I've always loved story-based sci-fi games like Mass Effect and Halo, but then my wife got me into visual novels - some of my favorites are Dramatical Murder, the sadly-canceled Dysfunctional Systems, and Christine Love's Analogue: A Hate Story & Hate+. A recent favorite has been Life is Strange (not a VN?). I'll also play some weird puzzle games now and then like SpaceChem.

I'm decent with basic web coding and understand concepts of programming. I'm planning on using Ren'py, so I'm have to pick up some Python for this. The only actual game programming I've done was some crappy Flash (R.I.P.) games back in freshman year.

Languages! I'm fluent in English & German, conversational in Italian & French, can get by with a little Mandarin and am currently learning Cantonese. I'm American, but I've lived and worked in Switzerland for a bit and my wife's a Hongkonger, so there's a little backstory for that. (FYI, she's planning on writing the visual novel in Chinese, I'll see what we can do for a translation)