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Just purchased your pack... Its amazing...

Would i be able to use these assets in a commercial product and if so do i need to credit you?

It will be a phone game that these assets are used in.

Awesome, thanks for the kind words! You can use it in a commercial product and you don't need to credit me. You can though, and I will gladly plug your game on all my social channels. :)

Keep me posted about your game! I'm always thrilled to see the assets being used. :)

I have no problem crediting you. What would you want your name to be in the credits? "Pixel RPG Items By Pixeltier"?

It is a pretty basic concept and it should be finished in around a few days and maybe another week after that to add some juicy effects ;)

But ill send you a link of the product once on the play store. The game will be free but contain ads on launch. Thanks again for this pack also another quick question are you planning on making a monster pack? specifically platformer styled?

Awesome, thanks for the update. :)

Pixel RPG Items by Sascha Naderer or Pixeltier's RPG Icon Pack as a reference would be amazing! 

I've had some people ask me about monster packs, and it's a thing I want to get around to eventually. So it's a definite probably. ;)