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Glad to hear you guys are staying busy (haha, just a joke, make sure to get some rest!!)!! Can't wait for the finished product because the first half was phenomenal, so the second will be incredible, no doubt about that in my mind. Your new project looks really cool too, I'll have to make sure I check that out! Keep up the good work and don't worry about TODO, you've got so many fans who are hooked (like myself) and will wait patiently for the finished work. 

-A big fan :)


Thank you! We're really happy to hear that! 
Comments like this really make our day and we're also really looking forward to finally get back to //TODO: today and finish it. Seeing people enjoy the first half has been great so far so we hope the second won't disappoint! We'll definitely do our best to make it as good as we can!

Thanks for reading our devlogs and taking the time to comment <3