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LOVE the game guys! I've been sending it to a bunch of friends, it's a joy to play.

I'm on Linux though, and I can't seem to maximize the window wich is a bit annyoing?
I'm guessing since it's a child window of itch. If this was fixed I'd be real happy :)

Ah, that's unfortunate. Usually you should be able to go fullscreen by selecting it in the popup window where you choose the resolution--does this not show up at all on Linux? (The Linux version wasn't properly playtested, sorry about that.)

Ah, of course. I played it on PC too and I remember there being that popup. That window doesn't show up in Linux though!

Hope you find the time to fix it, if not then I know how it is :)


Also played on Linux. The resolution pop up was there on first load, and I played full screen.