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Oh man the concept of using tetrominoes to attack is genius -- the quick wit required to hit for a lot of damage seems super fun and I'm excited to see where this mechanic goes! I can see a lot of game elements being added, like blockout squares where you cant have a tetromino touching, things like that-- of course not before the jam since that's super soon: looking forward to playing it though!

also crocodile boy is my mascot

Thanks! I'm sorry I might not get a playable prototype going now because my computer just broke, but I'm glad you like the look of it! I'd love to extend the battle system with blockout squares like you suggest, or squares that can move.

(I have some vague idea that the Boy is going to be a boss battle when I start adding a story to the game...)

Aw man! Yeah funnily enough, my computer also succumbed to the updates yesterday too and i spent about three hours trying to figure out how to fix this weird color glitch that only affected one monitor ...??? who knows.. But I want you to know that I'm following your page right now because if your character design is any indication of your story sense then I so totally wanna see a version of this with story! (I realize now its a dragonboy not a crocodile boy -- my bad haha still love 'im tho) It's been super cool to see your process through this all too. I can definitely see a game in the thematic vein of earthbound or like beglitched which gets me so pumped regardless of what the story will actually become cause I can just tell it'll be good what with the characters you've made so far

aah thank you! Can't wait to get back to it!