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Aw man! Yeah funnily enough, my computer also succumbed to the updates yesterday too and i spent about three hours trying to figure out how to fix this weird color glitch that only affected one monitor ...??? who knows.. But I want you to know that I'm following your page right now because if your character design is any indication of your story sense then I so totally wanna see a version of this with story! (I realize now its a dragonboy not a crocodile boy -- my bad haha still love 'im tho) It's been super cool to see your process through this all too. I can definitely see a game in the thematic vein of earthbound or like beglitched which gets me so pumped regardless of what the story will actually become cause I can just tell it'll be good what with the characters you've made so far

aah thank you! Can't wait to get back to it!