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Hi, did you try downloading the updated version? The save game should be compatible with the new version, and you should be able to continue from that point onwards.

Hey there, i just downloaded the update, all installed proper, it is working fine but i push continue and it is stuck on this now, the day and time came up then the month and year, but no speech bubbles for the talking and also no music going on in the background either, would i have to reinstall it all? thank you for the big help =] 

I'm sorry I missed your comment. Were you able to get around it? Just to check if you ran the correct version - did you see options for "load game" in the main menu? Did the main menu camera scroll down when loading the game? If not, you might have run the old version. Let me know, thanks!

Hey there, sorry for the late reply, i just ran it about five mins ago, i have the load and save game options now, cause i didnt have them when those screens happened, i have a autosave, i loaded that and the second screen came up again so i just did the 'restart level' option and now it works!, thank you for the help, i will get back to recording this lovely game soon!, keep up the amazing work you are doing! =] 

Thanks! Glad it's working now.