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Thank you so much for the help!

Yeah a fire planet definitely sounds like fun ;)

With the job prioritizing issue, do you just mean that they'll take a job further away/not part of their profession over a job they logically should be taking? There are some things I can tweak to make them almost always take their own profession's job's over others (unless there are no active jobs in their profession), and I can also look into the job-distance calculation because there are some weaknesses with it. I'll definitely look into it this week.

With the sleep issue, I've nearly fixed that now, so thank you very much for pointing that out! There were actually a couple of different issues I noticed regarding the whole sleeping/eating system once you pointed it out, so thank you!

I'll hopefully get the update out this week.

And yes I'm definitely thinking about in what ways I can differentiate this from some other games in the genre and I have a couple ideas so far so hopefully it all works out!

Thanks again for the help, I really appreciate it!

Hehe with pleasure , it's not like i did that much tho. ^^
The prioritizing seemed a bit inconsistent as in dong tasks not in their profession first.

Also i just noticed someone with a deep love for baked potatoes going out of his way to walk all the way back to his last job after getting  food from a chest  ( digging a cannal say 100 or so blocks away ) to eat his potato and then starts sleeping on the spot . ( this whilst he was assigned as a farmer with farm tasks assigned ) 

but you could sell it as a feature , "disobedient villagers" supply them with booze and good morale then theyll listen ;) 

Jokes aside , i'll try to give a better explanation after i tried it out some more and had some good sleep.

Either way , i'm happy to help and sorry for the bad explanation etc , been a long weekend hehe .

Gl with the update o/

Hahaha that's a great feature idea ;)

I'll make some changes to how colonists prioritize jobs and test it out a bit. The other changes I had to make related to issues with sleeping/eating should be fixed now, but I'll do some more testing with them and hopefully get the update out in the next few days.

The explanation was totally fine, don't worry about it!

Thanks again for the help!

Yea i hope you find some time :)
then its just adding shitton of content haha ^^

and then duke it out with the bugs!

Have a nice weekend .