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*You no longer explode when climbing ladders.*

I would call this a feature not a bug.

Wow .
Flabbergasted  , i did not expect this when downloading it.

Ive been a huge fan of flight sims and more arcade ace combat games and theres just no other way to say it  , This just has it.

With It i mean the thing i cant find in most games now , that feeling of getting drawn in by the gameplay from the start , forgetting what you were doing beforehand and well , just enjoying a game.

I can only hope the best for you and the game in the future ,

Thank you for this experience.

Oh i'm sorry i meant as in the game reminded me of some old custom maps we used to play way back in cs 1.4-1.5 or so 
basically the same concept but then there were like 6 people with ak4s and deagles shooting a ball hehe ^^

Hehe , i remember this from the old cs maps ^^

Yea i hope you find some time :)
then its just adding shitton of content haha ^^

and then duke it out with the bugs!

Have a nice weekend .

Hehe with pleasure , it's not like i did that much tho. ^^
The prioritizing seemed a bit inconsistent as in dong tasks not in their profession first.

Also i just noticed someone with a deep love for baked potatoes going out of his way to walk all the way back to his last job after getting  food from a chest  ( digging a cannal say 100 or so blocks away ) to eat his potato and then starts sleeping on the spot . ( this whilst he was assigned as a farmer with farm tasks assigned ) 

but you could sell it as a feature , "disobedient villagers" supply them with booze and good morale then theyll listen ;) 

Jokes aside , i'll try to give a better explanation after i tried it out some more and had some good sleep.

Either way , i'm happy to help and sorry for the bad explanation etc , been a long weekend hehe .

Gl with the update o/

Hey , 

havent tested it that much yet but everything seems very stable  , not that much to do yet but thats to be expected .

The world gen is pretty nice , altho id love to put the sun even closer ;).

bug wise i only noticed job prioritizing seemingly not working all the time and villagers sometimes preferring to sleep outside while free beds being available
If I find some more ill post it here or on the main page.

all in all its a nice base for further updates , ill be following it for sure.

My only suggestion would be to think off some unique 'feature' to make the end product stand out between simmilar games off the genre etc.
But yea , thats a pretty general suggestion , im sure you knew ^^

Anyway , thanks for the work and i hope you find the time to add more stuff.

Sweet been checking every now and then for the update , Thank you for the game  and time to check it out