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I played some more and I kinda miss an auto-resolve feature. The battles take a really long time once thousands of units start fighting (which is kinda easy to do playing Wild). Letting the monsters run gives full xp, but doesn't trigger demonology even though there's xp to sacrifice (and yeah fighting would risk losing units even if infirmary +tent brings them back even though losses are unlikely if you have a strong army.)

Even if an auto-resolve ruled somewhat unfavorably in my disfavor I'd still love to have the option to do it if I'm attacking a fort where there's no way I'd lose and to trigger victory skills like diplomacy or demonology when running wouldn't do that. Sure I could fight, but I'd lose a lot of real-world time doing that so I don't really want to.


There's an option for only using Auto-combat, but I don't think that's exactly what you mean. I'll consider adding a third option to the "units flee before your army"  that forces autocombat for that fight only

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No, I mean an actual calulation that skips having to do the fight yourself entirely, even if it was in auto (as that would still require me to sit through the entire fight happening in real time which can easily take 3-4 minutes even if there's literally 1 monster I'm fighting and I don't want to do that if I don't have to). As it is the only work around I found was to put the game to windowed and alt-tab to do something else while the fight is happening. The game slow downs to a crawl when I fight. I have 600 units on the screen and they keep getting replaced when killed with reinforcements. That puts the game at 2-5 FPS easy. Maybe I'd consider it for an important fight, but when I'm attacking a fort with just 20-30 units then I don't need to pay attention and tab out. The game doesn't keep running when I alt-tab out when in fullscreen which was an unpleasant surprise. The game is advertised as being faster than homm, but that's not really the case. The real time fights with end-game armies take longer than fights in turn-based combat would in homm. Maybe it's faster and less brain melting in the early game, but I've managed to get a high-level druid to summon 120 sprites in one fight and it's a slog.

I'm not a game dev, but I don't think this feature would be so hard to implement. Just calculate the numerical strenght of the armies. Inflict predicted losses on all sides. Move on. There, the fight is over. Homm3 has that feature and it even lets you replay a fight if the auto-calc isn't to your liking. It's a great feature.

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That's what autocombat is tho. It calculates expected losses and skips the battle. Also triggers necromancy etc.

As mentioned, I think I'll make it automatically offer that as an option in the "units flee before your army" window.


Huh. I thought it was something completely different. My bad. There was no tooltip or tutorial about this so I didn't get that.