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Actually have an update in QA which changes the way the game is rendered on screen to better support various screen sizes. I hope you'll like it when it comes out

I haven't heard anyone else with this kind of concern. The way I'm distributing the keys is the way that itch io allows. I don't know how I'd be able to make the key available from your itch Io account page, as you describe

GOG crossover isn't planned, sorry

fixeed! This was a silly mistake I wouldn't have caught if not for you

Those who have bought the game on itch io can now redeem a key for steam.

This can be found on the purchase page, which can be found by logging into itch, going to your game library and clicking Hero's Hour, or by finding the email you were originally sent when you purchased the game.

Reviews on steam from users who haven't paid for the game will count for less, but this can be counteracted if you pick up the Supporter Edition DLC.

Yea, it's a bit sad. At least the two lower rings of buildings in town aren't as important as they might feel like

thank you for your well wishes! Copy pasting the bottom of the newest dev-log:


If you've already bought the game on itch - you don't have to buy it on steam! We'll get you a steam key as soon as steam delivers them to us. We'll get up a page on itch where you can redeem keys at that point, then do another devlog to tell you that it's up.

Hey, sorry - v 1.9.3 had a pretty major bug that made the game not work like at all. It's been fixed now and v 1.9.4 has been uploaded.

Sorry for the issues this might have caused.

yup! If you buy on itch before steam release, you'll be able to redeem a key. We're currently working out the details, and the keys might be delayed some days (it's really hard to get steam keys while the game isn't out), but things will be in order.

I just uploaded v 1.9.0, and there'll be a devlog coming up soon with some more details. 

Quick overview: Hero's Hour lands on steam on 1st of March.  That will be the 2.0 update, which has a new faction, new translations into Spanish, French, German, Polish, Russian, Chinese, and hopefully Japanese and Korean as well. Until then, game is only available in English.

The price of the game will rise, but I'll be setting the game on sale for 1-2 weeks at the same point, so the increase will be more gradual.

Hi NoCarz, um, we had to ban your discord account after it was hacked and started spamming phishing links. You'll have to make a new account to join the HH discord server. Sorry about the commotion

Oh, there's basically no memory leak since... v 1.6 I believe.

I'm not sure what the issue might be. Lots of others are playing v1.8.2 without issue (also some normal bugs, of course). Maybe the security issue stems from elsewhere on your system? Or is a false flag

So, Hero's Hour v 1.8 is now out, as is v1.8.1 and v1.8.2. Its a pretty monumental update, you should check out the development log to see what's new!

If it's difficult to get in touch with me here, I'm more active over at the discord! (links above)

I've left the itch page here alone for a while, and sorry about that! I've been hard at work and I'm hoping to be able to push v 1.8 this weekend, which will be the last big content push - and probably the largest patch the game has ever seen. After that, things will continue to run slowly up until the v2 release (aka finally being done enough for steam). Big game, lots of issues to fix. Expect an update and a devlog, maybe before the end of the weekend!

Haven't heard other people report this bug. It's either due having no disc space, moving the .exe from the folder or otherwise not extracting the game correctly, running the game without save/loading permissions, or similar OS related issues.
Oh! Or if you mean loading saves, the issue could be if you're launching the game through the itch launcher. That doesn't work, for whatever reason.

Thank you for letting me know - knowing this, I don't think I'll allow it, especially not in the ways that you and McW explained

I'm not fucking with you - they did mention it, and I wasn't impressed with their idea. I'm happy you took the time to give me some good arguments for me next time they bring it up.

Especially the timed exclusive / FOMO manipulation thing. Shudder

I've discussed this with them and I wasn't sure if I wanted to go for it. I'll keep your opinion in mind

if you buy before steam release, you'll be able to redeem a steam key when it does launch on steam!

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yup! Has been fixed now

yea, if you run it through the itch launcher, the game does not work. This is super weird and I have no explanation for it

that's just how itch works

Hi hi! I'll let you know with v 1.7 there's a lot more accurate and a lot more numbers in the descriptions.

Your comment about it being "very easy to code" is useless. What's easy within your framework might not be easy within mine. And this is not me being lazy; I did the skill description update. But it was not very easy to code and it did not include doing any of the things you described, because that's not how my framework works.

Anyway, the game crashes when you drag a unit into an armor slot? I didn't know. I'll look at fixing that. Not sure what you mean about "don't let me move the character before the map is loaded". There's no such thing. Maybe you could instead tell me what you do to have this bug occur? Then I could actually fix it.

Hi all! Sorry for leaving all you commenters in the dark - I focus mostly on the discord these days! But I want to make sure you all see that v 1.7 has dropped - an absolutely enormous update with content, bug fixes, optimisations, more content, balancing, sound and music, more content, etc.

You can read the full development log here, which includes pictures, patch notes and behind the scenes info about development!

If you buy on itch io before the game comes out on steam, you will get access to a steam key.

you need to extract the zip file, then double click on the Hero's Hour.exe file!

ye, the increased difficulties are specifically to have the AI cheat. Hard is the "fair" gamemode.

Hi, this seems to be an issue that happens when you launch the game through the itch io app! I don't know why it happens, but the game works if you launch it via the exe the normal way.

there's an itch io launcher that helps keep you updated - otherwise, you'll have to do it manually. Follow me here on itch, on or on and you'll be notified!

Hi! Welcome everyone who's coming from the Spiffing Brit video! I'll be trying to answer all questions, but answers will come faster if you ask them over on the discord! (sorry so many questions so little time)
If you're having trouble where loading or starting the tutorial freezes the game, launching the game through the downloaded folder instead of the itch io launcher seems to help!

In the free version, you get to play as 4 out of the 10 factions

um, no plans for this. I don't even know what this is??

that's the next point of development in fact! It might not be super long, but it'll pave the way for giving the community tools to extend the campaign content

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I've been trying to chase this bug down, and haven't been able to recreate it. But you're the first person to actually detail the specific town combination. Lemme see if I can recreate it now...

I do plan on getting Ubuntu and Mac builds out around the time it comes to Steam. Until then, I know some people have succesfully made it run emulated (via Wine I think)

This is a v 1.5.9 error that prompted me to do a complete save file overhaul. Sorry for the issue as long as it lasted

This is very different from person to person. Some might also take offense at rotating and squeezing the sprites. I hope your eyes will eventually adjust and stop itching - nobody deserves itchy eyes :P

Ye, the messageless crash seems to be rearing its head. It should really only happen if you play with the Low RAM mode toggled on in the options, though.

I hope I'll get it fixed one day...

hey, that's so great to hear! I'm super proud of the Lotlians (axolotls) and the rest of Tide since I drew all of those myself. Thank you for your kind words, and for giving my game a chance :D