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I guess it's coming out soon. ...Played months before and quickly fell in love with the gorgeous character Louis. Do the characters have their own voices in the full game? It seems that I just can't get to the bonus ending, should I go thru all the dialogues to unlock it? Anyway, the art and music is totally compelling, can't wait to play the whole version!


The timing on this made me laugh (I'd scheduled today's update on the release date's new estimate for today because it's all 13s) but I'm sorry to say that it'll be a few more months! You can look forward to seeing these guys in full this July.

AWOO doesn't have any plans for voice acting right now, but I'd be more than happy to take the idea under consideration for a post-release patch, since I honestly hadn't even thought about it seriously before. I'm really delighted to hear that you like Louis, he's near and dear to my heart, so hopefully his full route satisfies you. ❤ And yep, you do need to see all 27 of the current conversations to see the werewolf dialogue; an update specifically for the demo is coming next month that'll make that a little bit easier, because they're all getting more conversations, but you should be able to see it before then if you finish all the conversations. Thanks for your comment!

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