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There's no slot to drop them into except the usual to create a new regiment when a hero is next to the town. While no hero is in town I can only see garrison and army. When I switch there's nothing. Only when I get conscripts can I right click them to remove them.

EDIT: Correction, it only borks and doesn't work when the UI scale is too high. Except I need to get the scale below 100% to even see the option to. I normally play on 141% because that's what auto-scale does and it looks the best. Honestly I think the UI doesn't properly scale. If the UI scaling was reworked to work on a standard laptop wide-screen resolution then it would be much better. As it is I had to also reduce the scale so that I could read the message that says I can change the town for 5k gold and 10 wood and ore. If I didn't scale down the UI I would never be able to read this and I had to squint to read the small letters anyway.

um, can you send me a screenshot? Are you somehow playing in 141% scale and without the mini-town screen?

The misc tab doesn't give me access to the army when in 141%, but it does in 100%, because there's no third tab, it all gets merged in one town screen.

oh. Oh! That makes so much sense that it doesn't work. I'll fix. Thanks for reporting this