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This was a pretty fun little experience! The music and art are beautiful and most of the puzzles strike a good balance between figuring out the solution and actually doing it. The timed sections work pretty well and it all manages to tug your heartstrings with little more than an arm wiggle at a window. Not a fan of the binky lasers though...


Thank you very much for the feedback and covering the game on your channel! It means a lot to us, especially since we're only a 4 student team and this is our first game :-) We have to agree that the blinking lasers should have been dealt with much differently, but we're glad to hear you enjoyed the art and music.

We're not sure if we will be able to improve the game further and fix the issues you brought up since we have to move on to the next project, but we're definitely going to be keeping them in mind to avoid making the same mistakes again. Thanks again!