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Welp this is officially my new favorite game. Dear cool guy making this i have a few suggestions.  That aside gosh this is addictive xD my first time in and i just built a 4 bit alu. I really like the control,  sound,  and overall feel. I am 100% gonna make a ton of junk in this, starting with making a cpu to implement this isa

here is the alu and my world file if anyone wants it.  This game has serious p o t e n t i a l 

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Reading this made me melt. The whole time while making TUNG I felt so alone in my love for it because nobody I know IRL is into this stuff. That this is your favorite game is indescribably meaningful. I want to cry.

Please give me commenting privileges on your google doc ( and I'll respond to all the suggestions. I don't have time tonight, but I'm excited to play with your save file tomorrow!