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Hey! I just wanted to stop by to say that Iove the idea of this game and I think the progress you've been making is pretty incredible! :) I look forward to trying it out. In particular I love that you've invoked A Dark Room!! For me that game in particular was also very interesting in the ways in which approached the player and how they "unfold" so to speak! I really think this Extra Credits Video does a great job of explaining.

Good Luck! :D

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Awesome! I am also surprised that I made it this far! Programming (JavaScript) seems way more accessible than it did last time I tried, many years ago. Now it's like "oh you want to do x? there's a command for that!" 

Thanks for sharing the video!  I plan to do a deeper post later on incremental design, and I think in that post I'll link to that video and some good reading materials which I found. One talks about "known knowns, known unknowns, unknown knowns, and unknown unknowns" which nails the draw of "incrementals" really well, I thought.