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Hey! Escape from house was pretty short, I think you shouldn't have made like made a narrator help the player, because in my opinion I think the goal is to let the player solve the way out on their own. I like the humor in the game. I don't want to offend you or your game, but it was not so good. I haven't explored every route (if there is) but judging by the ending.

Some advice if you want to listen.

You should use Novelty or some kind of visual novel maker, if you're planning to make a another game like this, click and choices and routes. Use a visual novel maker, it's much more better at doing this and you can even add images, sound effects, music, characters. All sorts. And it's not really hard to use. I felt like this was rushed, black screen and you have to use your mind to imagine the scenery you're in. It's just text and sounds. The music in my opinion didn't really suit the situation and state that the player was in. The sound effects sounded off, like the dog barking and cracking door sound, whatever it was.

I hope you don't mind that I made a let's play on it. As always good luck to your future games and career! :3


Thanks A Lot. It's only first job of  mine. I agree its not a masterpiece but  idea in creating in this game finding a nice people like you and have more perspective. By the way there is a lot way to see. Its not only one way win or lose situation. But im so glad you give your time and actually did a good comment about it.