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Great game the song are fitting but I have 5things i would recommend first, add sprint.Second, have a more background story and get rid of the loading and have it flow more.Third, make a hunting and gathering for food and water.Fourth, make the police scene harder and have people and a helicopter around.Lastly, make the cornfield shorter or have something to do during it like driving.I would rly like to see this on steam and a second game or an add on when he gets back to his family.Great job!!


Thanks for the suggestions and for playing! Getting rid of the "Loading" screens is something I've been thinking about. I'll see how the game flows. The other suggestions, while they would make the experience more "gamey," for lack of a better word, do not really work with the experience I am trying to craft. This is very much a concentrated, minimalist, short story in game form. I am glad the story, as vague as it is, engaged you. Cheers.