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currently listening: ribbit king soundtrack

today's to do list

  • update word mark for title screen
  • outline second half of the game
  • wire frames for screens involving menus/buttons
    • title screen
    • main game screen
  • select and finalize two patch pals

today's notes

I figured out how to make things look 3d in Photoshop. No one should have given me this weapon... I'm currently trying to keep myself from over-usage, but it does look perfectly in line with the look I was going for. I updated the word mark in my first post to reflect the title screen and sent the mock up for both the title and the main screen menus over to Liam.

Patch title screen 

Sprout stage options Blossom stage options

Animating in Photoshop has been super fun. I'm doing very simple animations, so I've been using the "Frame Animation Timeline" rather than the "Video Timeline." I guess I'll describe the menu options here from left to right:

  • Food: Feed your seedling or pal a variety of fertilizer or mulch
  • Water: Keep your seedling or pal moist
  • Sun/Shade: Give your seedling or pal sunlight or shade
  • Help: Save your game, mute any sounds
  • Prune: Snip stray leaves from your pal to keep them tidy
  • Love: Praise your pal for being the best
  • Music: Let your pal sing along to a song (Still working out the kinks on this one)
  • Attention: View your seedling or pal's status, nickname, and age
    • This icon will flash when your seedling or pal needs something

The final part of today's update might be the most exciting...the Patch Pals for the game ❀ I've narrowed it down to two for this jam. On the left is Berry, a Patch pal who loves sunlight but requires lots of pruning. On the right is Chard, they like to lay low in the shade, but require a lot of love. The amount of sunlight you give your seedling will determine whether you get Berry or Chard! I haven't decided if they should be one set color, or if it should be randomized with a few color selections, but you will be able to give them a nickname as soon as they're blooming!

Thanks so much for reading!! I'm having so much fun and I hope you are too. I'm going to work on the outline for the rest of the game tonight and tomorrow morning, so hopefully my next update will have some cool thumbnails and lots of game mechanic details. 

see you tomorrow ✧ ─=≡Σ((( つ•̀ω•́)つ