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Did a few runs, the video recording is of the last and best one.

Not sure if this is some kind of problem or if it's supposed to be like this, but the game didn't start in fullscreen mode but in a small window in the corner.

The visual style is really nice, but it sacrifices clarity. Enemies and bullets are the same colour which makes it difficult to keep track of certain enemy types when the game gets chaotic. The ghost enemies in particular blended in with the bullets far too often. Not to mention the player and enemy bullets are the same colour. Not a massive problem with the straightforward weapons, but the weapon that shoots out slow moving balls and the modifier that makes your shots break into spirits make everything very hard to read. At one point I got a combination of both and the screen became such a mess that I couldn't see anything. Getting clearer feedback for when you get hit would be nice too since it can be hard to tell in the heat of the moment.

Another visuals-related issue I had is the boss health bar. It's far too large for what it is and has a nasty habit of blocking enemies and their projectiles. Lastly, the camera is awkward. It's not centered on the character so the top left corner is obscured. Having the camera move slightly in the direction you're aiming would be ideal.

The gameplay is pretty fun and addictive, and killing enemies feels pretty nice, especially considering there's no sound effects yet. Though most of the guns are too inaccurate. Anything with any sort of spread just feels like it has nothing to do with my aim or even positioning. Had moments where I shot enemies at nearly point blank range with the spread lightning and some other guns only for all my shots to miss. I know it's a roguelite so rng is to be expected but it's also still an action game, so it's annoying to have that feeling that I have no control over the shooting.  The tentacle pac man boss is tedious. Way too much health for a boss that only has 2 or 3 attacks.

I think the resolution/camera issues are caused by DPI scaling, for some reason the game gets confused when its on, if you disable DPI scaling for the game it should look normal

Just tried it out, no effect though

Hmm, made a change that should fix it. Try redownloading it?

Still the same. Maybe it's a problem on my end?

Weird, what's your resolution? Do you have multiple screens?

1280x720, single screen


Bug happens on my pc too at that resolution, odd. I'll see if I can figure out what's causing it


Alright the resolution bug should be fixed now, should fix the issues with the camera and the boss healthbar too. Thanks for the feedback