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I like what I played, it's well done espically for something done on a lumdum dare.   there is some feed back I would like to give you though.

1.) don't do long courses, at least at the start -  while a long course seems like a great idea, and resisting the urge to just add "one more turn" can be hard, they can be extremely hard to master.  which is why if you look at other racing games, like forza, they always start the player off on small tracks.  Then the tracks get longer as the game progresses.  

2.) you might want to redesign your track a bit.  For the most part its great, its exciting, I love the look but there are 1 or two corners I would call unfair.  I have attached documentation for autox track design, I would recommend reading it.  Some of it will not be relevant to you, but that basics of what makes a good race track are in there and will help in refinement.  

link for track design

3.) the cars - this is really a minor point but you might want to up the brakes and the cars turning capability.  for a track with turns like this, its more for a lotus than a mustang and you seem to split the difference right now. 

but again, great job, love the look and the game play.