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Hey Phil, thanks for playing!

First and foremost, I'm sorry for the extractor. The goal was to make the noobiest installation possible, but I guess any OS or person have a zip extractor nowadays. Don't know what I was thinking.

Second, you touched some interesting points regarding the levels and the enemies.

When you mean the "level is a step back from last demo day", do mean the overall design? It sure have more interactivity now and it kinda reflects the switch from using a modeling tool to a full fledged level builde, which I'm still getting used to. Most elements were rushed due time constains. As you can see, there's handful of stuff in the game now that kept me busy.  And there's one secret room!

And yeah, about the enemies... I ran into some trouble making a proper AI and since it's work that takes a really long time, the focus for this demo day was to have a playable level. But don't worry, making cool enemies are in my top priority list!

You can also provide value feedback thourght the survey provided in the game menu. It will help me a lot!

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"When you mean the "level is a step back from last demo day", do mean the overall design?"
I suppose. The level feels very linear (switch unlocks door, go in door to get key, use key to go to the water, press switch in water to reach portal).
Last demo day I think I played through the level twice just to go on a secret hunt. It was much smaller and the main path was less interesting, but the whole level was fairly consistent and the secrets added an extra layer of interactivity.
EDIT: Just watched someone else play through and turns out there were secrets. I wasn't expecting you'd need to shoot stuff, just bump into it like Doom.