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Just a question for my game review article. I play steam version, have any checkpoint, saveing point? Or one game - one life? :D I die after 2. boss +3 map, or im just curious, how much stage left.

No savestate or checkpoint, as usual in c64 Platform (or arcade) games :D.  There are 8 stages+boss each map, 5 maps, but last map is a bit different more stages and the castle is a labirint (you need to find the right path to reach the final boss). Try harder, is not so complicated complete it ;) if you want to complete it before the review release i can tell you in pvt message a secret cheat.

No-no, i dont need cheat :D I love try-try-and-die :D Only i just ask (i dont want wrong info to the article :)). Thankx!