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Lol its just something I put together (not made) for fun and I couldn't find a mugen collection I really liked so I made my own, never said I made anything. The only thing I did myself is change almost all the character portraits on the select menu and changed some of the music. That's why this is free and Im not accepting any donations.

That's the thing... when you post something here (or on any similar site, for that matter) it HAS to be yours. It'd be one thing if you were using the Mugen engine and most of the content added was created by you, but that is not the case.

There are plenty of Mugen based communities that accept these kinds of things. Who knows, maybe some of the characters here are rare and highly sought after?


I was gonna put it on Gamejolt cause there were mugens just like this on there too... but the game size was to large.