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I made the mistake of playing this without looking at the instructions first time... :-D This is a really fun game, especially with 4 players. The parkour level is extremely challenging.

just wondering, does it say that the file is suspicious? Because when I downloaded it my computer warned me that it was a suspicious file.

I don't honestly remember, and I'm not sure if it's less likely to happen if downloading using the Itch app rather than directly.

If your virus scanner doesn't like the file because it doesn't recognise it (probable), usually it just wants to send it to the lab to check it's okay before letting you open it (unless you change the settings of your security software). 

Or is it Chrome flagging up the file as suspicious? If so you can override the setting and scan the downloaded file with your security software to make sure before launching it.

Sorry for the late response btw!

Same for me it says that with games sometimes, like I was downloading a game from Dani but it was fun.