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That would be amazing. I'm pretty sure most if not all functions should work with out much tweaking though when I exported it yesterday I'm not sure if I have the correct file format so I'm going to try one other setting. That being said it could be correct and I was just unable to get my linux install to pick up on it and open it through the utility I tried to use.

I might end up firing up the old virtual machine software in the end and seeing if that works too. Long term it would be nice to be able to test and debug before releasing 😀

I can try and shoot you over a private build with the debugger attached so if anything pops up it could be notted. I belive I can also create a log file dump from this aswell so that could be handy too :)

Sorry for my inexperience with the platform. I've only really delt with headless server stuff via terminal  and ftp file share systems 😆

But this is good it means in the future I would be able to support Linux which is an amazing platform so I'm glad you pushed me in that direction even if it might cause a bit of a headache getting set up hahaha

I've tried multiple versions of Linux and I can't seem to get my application to open. This again is running it through the windows 10 installs of Ubuntu. I'm sure I'm doing something wrong because it should just work but yeah. Sorry for the delay on any updates for this. I've been slammed at work so I haven't had time to work on it, usually only on the weekends is when I get to dev and this past weekend I just chilled because work had been so rough.

But I would like to get to this so I haven't forgot about ya!