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If only you could add money to an existing pre-order...
I'll happily add 2 more dollars to my old purchase ^^

Btw...Happy New Year!

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Thank you! A very Happy New Year to you too! :)

>About the broken link, if you head into your page, you should be able to see your purchased game, and it should state the game that you have paid for. If there is any glitch, that would be on the part of Please check again and take a screenschot if it still continues to display as standard edition only. 

During the release, we will give out a set of instructions for buyers to claim their steam key as we will not make any full-game downloadables available on  :)

Thank you for your warm support! ^^ It has been taking us a long time to finish this game but we are working hard to have it released by the 1st half of 2018! :D

Please follow our twitter and our blog for updates! 


It always say Standard Pre-Order on my Linked page...

How I can contact you to send a screenshot?