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Great game! It played very smoothly and the controls and everything else was perfect! I was able to play the whole thing with the arrow keys. It's been forever since I've played one of these type of games since a very old ninja game that I used to play on the pc (don't remember what it was called). I found out something that you might or might not want to fix (personally, I think it would be fun to leave it since it gives the player a sense of "Holy sh** that was super lucky!" it did with me haha it happend to me twice) which is, sometimes, by a miracle, you land next to one of the saws and not die, literally right next to one (not on the level that had a little gap for landing in between two). Like on saws that are on the edge. I bet the odds of it happening aren't that much but still, just so you know that there's some space that someone could use to land next to one and not die. It's not really a problem but just letting you know. Oh and I loved the reference in room 305! That's one of my favorite childhood games.


Thank you so much for playing. Glad you enjoyed it. I wanted it to feel like an old skool shareware game, back in the days of arrow key games.

I think I'll that little pixel gap in. The way I see it, if you've got the skills to do it, it should be allowed

There's lots of little references in there. How far did you get?

With the references, I only knew the Zelda one. I don't know that many games so that one was the only one I recognized. I beat the demo and it was great! It was very challenging.