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Thanks for the reply, again. I have read it and followed the instructions mentioned here. The issue stays. It seems the problem is the fact that the latest Direct X driver is optimised for one specific game (I'm not exactly whure wich one). But, even if the whole game goes black i will still play it. The game is awesome. It has a lot of features, despite the alpha stage (and the game also does not have zombies, which i appreciate). There is one question, maybe reinstalling the game might work. Since when the drivers are updated, the games tend not to sense it sometimes, and it requers a reinstallation of the product. My biggest concern is wether clicking the uninstall button will remove the install option, which i'll need for reinstalling the game and seeing if that might work. I also, dont want to be an a-hole searching refunds for just 3 dollars. It isnt a problem, i can buy it again. The game is awesome, i am far from giving up on it. Happy new year!!

Anytime, please do send a request you can buy other games here!

Its your right to ask, the game will still be in your account, once you're able to play it without the issue feel free to buy it again but until then its 100% fine with me!