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Thanks glad you are enjoying it, honestly this the first time I've ever had feedback that anyone has even used or seen it.  I'd basically put this on a shelf since I didn't see any usage.  I made it in 2015 while watching the Royals make a run and win the World Series.  I wanted to see how hard it was to call balls and strikes at MLB distances and speeds.  It's been awhile but I believe I set the camera height at what I approximated to be normal umpire standing height.  Back in 2015 I did actually make a VR version but I never put it on the Oculus store so me and a couple of people at a VR meetup are the only ones who have ever seen it.  I'll work on making a version for Oculus/SteamVR I'll update the page when there are other versions.

If you can let anyone know about it in your community it would be greatly appreciated.