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I’d suggest googling sidequest it’ll walk you through the steps. You have to do a few things to be able to get non oculus store games on the quest.

Yes, this version works for Quest 2, or you can get it from Sidequest.

IMO that's standalone no need to package up.

I don't plan any more updates no.  This is built from in a specific version of Unity to show off the Assets Unity of the environment created for the Book of the Dead demo.

Working on a 7DRL, starting 3/2 0200 GMT.  Right now I'm thing it will be VR so won't make many of the Berlin convention guidelines but I'll try my best.

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I think you should go for it (considering it myself).  But I'm guessing it will be extremely hard for them to judge.

I'm going to try to allow a non-vr version as well.

Thanks for playing it!

This game was made with Unity 2018, in roughly 10 hours of development time.  I used the UFPS controller for first person controls and weapons.  I used an AI solution (Tactical Shoot AI) to get the sharks to follow and attack you, the shark and tree models are from polyPerfect Low Poly Animated Animals Unity Asset pack for Shark and various trees/clouds/props.

Good luck everyone, I think I got my game Bounty for Sharks submitted in time. Looking forward to playing everyones games.

The game gets hard very quickly, I strongly suggest choosing one weapon (rifle or shotgun) and sticking with it.  ROF, damage upgrades, and movement help for the higher levels significantly.  Please let me know your high score!

This game was made with Unity 2018, started from scratch roughly 30 hours before the deadline.  I used the uFPS controller for first person controls and weapons.  I used an AI solution to get the sharks to follow and attack you, the shark and tree models are from polyPerfect Low Poly Animated Animals Unity Asset pack.

I was the sole contributor,, if chosen I'm eligible for the Grand Prize and hope to join everyone for sailing, fishing and friendship.

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Yes, here is where you can contact him.

As a note for someone taking this serious, there are no curves in the game nor air resistance.  At the moment of the pitch the ball is given a force.

I think alt-f4 is the only easy way to quit, sorry I didn't do any custom dev just built it as Unity created it.

Thanks, glad you liked it.

Glad you liked it.

I know this might sound odd, but personally I'd vote to just wait for the recovery team to finish before moving forward.  I'm sure you have other things you can work on, and the break might give you some cognitive space and time to make a better product once you start moving forward again (either with current or 3 months old).

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I believe you said the game would be playable end to end with credits today?  Are you looking for alpha players?  I'm interested to help do an end to end playtest with commentary recorded to (for your use to help last minute polish).  Would it be better to hold off or do you think you are ready for critical review/feedback yet?

Only reason I ask is I plan to only do it once (and obviously I'll know the puzzles the second time I do it), so I want to wait until the ideal time for your purposes.

Thanks glad you liked it.

This is an extension of the Ludum Dare Game Red and Blue at

Thanks glad you are enjoying it, honestly this the first time I've ever had feedback that anyone has even used or seen it.  I'd basically put this on a shelf since I didn't see any usage.  I made it in 2015 while watching the Royals make a run and win the World Series.  I wanted to see how hard it was to call balls and strikes at MLB distances and speeds.  It's been awhile but I believe I set the camera height at what I approximated to be normal umpire standing height.  Back in 2015 I did actually make a VR version but I never put it on the Oculus store so me and a couple of people at a VR meetup are the only ones who have ever seen it.  I'll work on making a version for Oculus/SteamVR I'll update the page when there are other versions.

If you can let anyone know about it in your community it would be greatly appreciated.

Yes, here is the entirety of the development.   Note this is just raw capture while working, so it's not all that useful as a tutorial.

This was a quick LDJAM entry I hope you enjoy it. I think I'm going to work to expand it a bit.

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I'd suggest some kind of limit on grabbing the enemies. It's fun but completely ruins any challange. Maybe a stamina or the squirm loose or the enemies become enraged. Holding a guy and punching him in the face is great but using him as a weapon is too effective right now.

Actually now that I think about it just make enemies kick enemies away and not damage them. Then you still have fun and can use/throw enemies but have to really use weapons to fight.

Also even though it's a demo please implement a level select to at least beaten levels or just all levels. I played for quite a while and want to finish but don't want to have to leave it running.

If you enjoy the game please leave a comment I'm trying to decide if I want to continue development/make a VR version.