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First of all this is an absolutely gorgeous game which i've just spent an hour playing, thank you so much for bringing this delight into the world :)  

Secondly, I was wondering if you'd played any of the point-and-click adventure/puzzle games by Amanita Studios? This reminded me of Samorost and Botanicula in particular, what with meeting all the different types of people and the richness and variety of the worlds. If you havent played them, definately do! they're just as beautiful and relaxing to play as yours is 

Ive been wanting to make a game like this (free roaming through different environments, meeting characters and understanding the world as you go) for a while but havent got any game development experience, and only the tiniest bit of coding knowledge. I read that you used Unity for this, was it fairly easy to use or did you previously have game dev experience?

Any advice you could give would be welcome, thanks again for making such a wonderful game to experience <3

Thank you!

No, I haven't played anything by Amanita Studios, but I'm efinitely going to now! Thank you for the tip. :)

I too have limited coding/dev experience, but I find Unity quite approachable. I'd only done two tiny games by myself previously--a crummy platformer demo, and a weird little art game. It's just a question of figuring out exactly what you want to do, and googling for tricks and tutorials on how to do it. You'll learn the software as you go along.

My main advice is to keep the scale of you first game as small as possible. Seriously small. Most likely it'll grow out of hand later anyways. Storyseeker was originally supposed to be a 2 week project to test out how to make a game that has no other mechanic besides walking around. 6 months and innumerable features, characters, scripts, and entire new zones later, here we are...

Please, if you ever need any help or want me to have a look at something you're making, contact me on twitter @qwertyprophecy. Good luck!