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Sup , i have finish your game , and i want to make a report of my friend impression

So , i really love your game so i think i'll buy it in the complete version , 

we should have the right to keep our weapon when we recome outside by the blue portal and just lose them when we die 

the first boss is really difficult , i just could kill him with the the christmas tree  and the 

minotor life bonus , so you should reduct his power 

i'm also glad to play this game with my low level pc so plz keep the minimalist graphism 

you should put the reload time of weapon 

for the katana you should had the spear effect (do damage in dash)

for the skin : you should add an ninja skin , pirate , knight skin , berserk skin 

for the weapon you should add : a big sword as the dragon slayer of berserk

Oh !  and the save don't work , it work only if we go to the main menu so it's a bit boring

so you should add an save at the moment when we go to outside the dungeon ,

for weapon : you should add a rare revolver that gives you 6 bullet when you dash 

i think the chest appearance is really good ,  

so i like your game i'll buy it thanks :v

Thank you for helping us improve the game. :)

costume(= skin),  improved restaurant, new ability system, monster balancing and more... We are working!  Full version  will be better!  :)