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Just finished the game, and I have to say, it's really awesome! I am looking forward to part two! :D Even though I really, really liked it, I wish there was some more interaction with the protagonist's guild friends! They were really interesting and funny from what I got to see! The art is really pretty, too! Having to say goodbye to Joyce wasn't the easiest thing because I was really fond of her (like a best friend of some sort~) but I sort of have the feeling she's not gone just yet... +_+

And to end this, I don't trust Phoenix :') But it's just a feeling in my gut, I guess, and I'm proooobably wrong about him, haha.

Thank you! We're really happy that you enjoyed the game :D
It's always great to see how people react to the characters differently and once Part 2 is released you'll probably find out if your gut feeling was right or not... Or if Joyce will make another appearance~

Development will take a bit longer still and we'll most likely post another devlog about our current progress soon but we want to finish Part 2 as soon as we can.
Thanks for playing <3