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I played the game just for a few minutes, because I was going to sleep, and it is wonderful and very addictive. You are a great team. I hope I can hear more about your games in the future.

I noticed some bugs, like the aliens stuck in a car and jumping in the same place but could not be unstuck until I killed it.

another bug I noticed was the left leg disappear sometimes when running.

I would recommend you look for options for the keyboard control, because for something continuous used as change weapon, it is not a good idea to put this action performed by <TAB> on Windows.

another good thing to add in a future is a option to decrease the video graphics, for less powerful computers.

overall, the trailer is awesome, the gameplay is great, the commands are fluid, the characters and enviroment and sound effects and video effects are very well done. I can't stop to see good things in this project!!

Great job!

Thanks for the feedback bluepug! It is really appreciated :)

We will take these comments in consideration in future projects!

Sadly, as it is a school project, we might not have the time to update this game, nor will we make another game with the same team.

- Marc-Olivier from Contragon