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Hi guys,

just playtested a little and I am very happy to see new information about how much is being produced etc.

But: Given the current production rates, one Gatherer can supply way more than 3 industries (as those are consuming verrrrrry slowly).

Ideas for that: 

- Use the Warehouses by giving the warehouses more than 3 available destinations. Example: Gatherer delivers wood to warehouse and warehouse delivers to all 20 industries who are consuming wood.

- Possible expansion of Industries (Manufacturing is being increased by adding further building tiles. Paper is no being produced at a rate of 14 days instead of 15 days. Could also be achieved by "tying" industries together (perhaps easier to implement).

Other than that: Great to see more progress - I am actually really wanting to try to build some complex industrial chains. But at the moment I am still quite unhappy with the transports between buildings. They are tiresome to establish/maintain at the moment. But I am sure you guys will come up with a good improvement :)



I think Industrial Parks will make you fall in love :)