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First of all, wow, thats's a REALLY GOOD game! Good job to the developpers :) I've played it for an hour and this is what I've noticed that need a little of improvement

1. No life system, you get killed, you lose your stuff and have to start again (frustrating)
2. I once get stuck in a room with the Big Red Bat ... but It was my 3rd room in the dongeon, so I had my little cheap sword xD
3. I'd like to keep my weapons from a dongeon to another, especially when you get through without dying :"D
4. The accuracy of Shooting weapons is ..... wel ..... can be improve for sure :) 

So, that's my review, but overall it's a really great game and I would certainly pay for that game

Thank you for your feedback! We have seen the problems and are discussing improvements. Full version will look better. :)