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Thanks victfv!

After the new year I plan on updating the game to fix various issues, including the collision problems.

The reason you cannot move while the game is narrating is because I was trying to avoid triggering another bit of narration before the first one was finished, as the dialog system I wrote for the game didn’t allow for saving dialog for later or any other way of handling overlapping dialog segments. As the game was made in a week for the jam, I decided it was best to stop the player instead of having dialog potentially being missed. My apologies that it was annoying, and I plan to look into various ways to fix it in the coming update.

Thanks for reporting the bugs! Jumping off the balcony is a bug and I’ll definetly fix it. Teleporting out of the house was actually thought of and all you have to do is fall of the building and into the void, you will be teleported back into the game with no progress lost (and you get a bit of a surprise for doing so!  ).

Thanks again!