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Having fun poking around with this! If you're interested in providing an option for visible (noninteractive) monsters BTW, I've been running this mod with a small change to make that choice available: https://github.com/neogeographica/quakec/compare/ghosts...ghosts_modified

(also a couple of bugfixes in there I think, to make sure that flying/swimming monsters spawn correctly when tourism is disabled)

These are very cool additions! I'll have to think about how they'd fit into the mod as it currently stands...

(Edited 2 times)

One more thing that may need doing in that modification, if a monster death is required to trigger something to enable advancement. To be safe I should probably make sure that code like the last few lines of monster_death_use gets invoked for all the ghosts (and then maybe NOT do that part of monster_death_use when it actually dies). Will get back to poking around at that soon.

Edit: E4M7 is a nice test case (the vores at the end). Made a couple of changes so that that map is completable.

Edit 2: Checked that all maps are completable.