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I really appreciate that you've put out a demo for this! I like the idea of a truly open world experience for a horror game but I'll admit I lost interest in the demo pretty quickly. Understanding that the player character may be a stand in for the player as opposed to a separate entity themselves, I found it hard to get into the mind of the character and because of this the scares carried no weight. It's a damn good looking game, the visuals, effects and animations all look really nice and the sound design and music compliment it all really well. But throwing the player into a world with no context, explanation or direction makes for a bit of a shallow experience. Truthfully I may have not spent enough time in it to see if there was any significance to what I was doing or who I was but walking around picking up orbs and little glowing biohazards with little to no context or direction beside the on screen prompt do go do something was not my cup of tea. It's still awesome you put out a demo though!


Hi, thanks for trying out the game and also taking the time to give us some constructive feedback. You missed a few logs and all of the content from the basement. Which is where the truly disturbing (not necessarily jumpy, but definitely disturbing) horror is found. If you find the time I'd recommend whizzing through demo to get to the basement. I'll admit I didn't consider the lack of context, the school is found later in the game and without playing the intro you won't get any sort of connection to the player character. I'll add a quick "gripper" intro if I can find the time. I should add too, every door can be opened, but not all doors need a key.

Thanks again for the helpful feedback!