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how do you get this to run

What are you trying to run it on; Mac or PC? Either way you should just be able to unzip the file and either run the .exe file or the Mac app. If you're on a mac you will probably have to go into the settings and allow it to run from an unknown author. You can search for this with "security" or something and then at the bottom click "Run Anyway". 

If you're on a PC then I'll need a little more information in order to help you out. What are your specs? Windows 10?

I have windows 10. 

Hello. Sorry for taking so long to get back to you about this. Can you please try downloading the PC version again. I've made a small update which I hope will help. I noticed some other people were have trouble with other games and Windows 10 so I've disabled the resolution dialog window at the start. Please let me know if this helps. Many thanks.