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This game has been in production for about a year now.  Much of that time has been spent putting together the framework that makes everything work.  The game has only recently started to see regular updates as it has reached a point where we can add content to the game.

At the time of this post the game includes the following:

Full interactive intro.

Navigation of the mansion itself.

Roughly 150 minor scenes, many of which are affected by time of day, job assignments, and relationship values.

As of A4 there are 8 interactive scenes that can trigger that depend on relationship, time of day, job assignments, etc.

A meal system that will be expanded upon as the game grows.

A punishment system that will be expanded upon as the game grows.

A sleep mechanic which includes a host of scenes affected by time of day and sleeping arrangements.

An eavesdropping mechanic who's scenes are affected by relationship values and time of day.

An interactive sex mechanic with three positions currently available (Oral receive, Missionary, and Doggystyle) with plans to add several more and to expand on what is already there.

The ability to take a shower.

Most of the game's current content is focused on the older sister, Anna, but we're now shifting our attention towards adding content for Eve to hopefully catch her up to where her sister is as far as playable content.