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Hey Omega! No worries, thanks for reaching out! 

And yes, you're totally not wrong. The Art Style came about my digging into my subconscious and remembering all the small little "crushes" I had growing up on Sunday morning cartoon lineup. :)   As a kid/oblivious teen, characters like Johnny Bravo, the jock bullies from Danny Phantom etc, always made me feel "I like him. But I don't know why..." lol

Yeah, unfortunately you're not the 1st to inquire about a sequel. And tbh that makes me so happy and is very flattering , thank you! At this time, there's no plans for a sequel. But never-say-never right?! 

Ooh, Danny Phantom! Forgot about that one!

And yeeeeees! I just love how there actually *is* a bara VN out there with a Johnny Bravo-looking char :3, your post re: childhood "crushes" on such chars is like reading my own mind LOL

Thanks for the reply!