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It worked now. I guess TFH was made with gamepads in mind because the mouse movement is... hard to handle. :)

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Hey Cryptic, thanks for playing the game! What kind of issues did you experience using mouse and keyboard? Was it too hard to aim? Was the mouse sensitivity too high? I appreciate any kind of feedback ;)


Mouse aiming is very very twitchy.. I've tried a controlled and the movement is smoother. It's very difficult to aim with the mouse.

Hi Cryptic, I was wondering if you played the game with mouse & keyboard WITH a controller connected to your PC. If that's the case, that could be the cause you experienced a buggy and very very twitchy mouse aiming. For some reason, the m&k controls are not working right when there is a controller attached. We are looking into it. Thanks for the feedback!


That's right yes, I always have a controller connected. Thanks for letting me know that's an issue. :)