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Your twitter says v2.0 is available on gumroad but the latest version I can find is v.1.16. Also, I have a question: If I become a patreon now can I still receive the latest update or will I have to wait for the next update on June?


My apologies. Version 1.16 is in reality version 2.0. We'll change that as soon as possible. We jumped from version 1.15 to version 2.0 as we began with Chapter 2 last month.

If you join patreon now, you'd get the next version on May 31st but you wouldn't get the latest verdion. You have to be a patron before we post an update there to get that update. We post updates on the last day of the month. We do that as we don't want to charge upfront in case we don't have ready an update for that month.

Ok thank you, I will just become patreon near the end of the month to get the next version! Thanks for explaining!